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Chimney Services Huntsville AL

Chimney repairs are started by expert diagnosis. 

Common Problems associated with Chimneys are:

  • Damp fire boxes or leaking in the fire box.
  • Leaking in the ceiling from failed flashing.
  • Leaking down the chimney pipe from chimney cap failure.
  • Cracked or deteriorated mud caps.
  • Leaking mortar in masonry chimneys.
  • Rotten siding due to improper flashing or failed caps.

We see all of these on a weekly basis. Knowing what to look for and how to fix the problem is key to the diagnosis. We offer professional grade services to repair all these problems. We have successfully reflashed 100’s of chimneys. If they are brick we flash and counter flash by cutting in the brick. See our video here of some of our work. 

Chimney Caps come in 2 different types. One is a metal cap the other is what we call a “mud cap” (made of concrete. The metal caps are custom made according to the size of your chimney. There are 2 critical parts of the cap. One is the collar that goes around the pipe. Our collars are soldered and 2 inches high. See our pictures as an example. The corners of the cap are spot welded and soldered. They also need to be long enough to cover any trim from water running off the cap. They are typically 24GA galvanized but we can also make them out of stainless steel, copper or painted. The “mud caps” we do are problem solvers for when the old mud fails. When we do a mud cap we paint concrete glue over the top and the flue pipe. This same concrete glue is added into the mud mix and we apply the mud in a concave manner on top of the chimney so as to shed water. Refer to the pictures for more details. 

Another common repair we do for clients is a siding repair or replacement. This is usually because the flashing from the roof to where the gutter end is located is improperly installed. What we usually see is that both sides of the chimney are rotten from the roof line down. That is a sign that the flashing is wrong. We remove the siding, replace rotted framing members and damaged decking. Then replace the siding. Often times we replace the siding on the whole chimney or change out the siding to vinyl or cement board.  Another siding issue is rotted corner boards. These are best changed out to pvc 1×4’s that never need painting (if left white) and will not rot.

Our Chimney Sweeping service consists of inspecting the flue pipe to damper connection. The rain cap and storm collar are inspected and re sealed if necessary. The pipe is swept with flue brush and the fire box is cleaned with shop vac. Many times the refractor panels are cracked in the fire box. These can be replaced with like panels. Chimney sweeping is more than a cleaning issue. It is a safety issue that needs to be done regularly.  

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